Code of Practice Illustrations
Here are a selection of illustrations I have been commissioned to complete by the Australian Government's Safe Work Australia department.

They serve to illustrate and supplement the Department's various Codes of Practice.

Isometric projection permits the easy and rapid construction of otherwise complex objects and shapes, and provides visual continuity across the publications. Clarity of line, simplicity of shape and elimination of unnecessary detail allow the message of the illustration to be clearly imparted.
Illustration showing the correct and incorrect methods of hoisting or raising personnel using a forklift.
Correct and incorrect use of a carabiner.
Illustration of bulldozer showing locations of steps and hand holds.
Illustration of dump truck showing ladders and hand holds around the cabin.
Correct use of harness and supporting rigging while using a chainsaw.
Combine Harvester.
Illustration showing incorrect and unsafe uses for ladders.
Illustration showing the correct precautions to take when using a ladder.
Suspended Work Platform.
Illustration showing the correct procedure for entering and exiting a truck cab.