BARK Chair - Prototyped
'Bark' Chair
Designed by SquadOne.
‘BARK’ is a set of chairs thatcame from the observation of a tree’s section, as a way of expressing theunique relationship between the outside and the inside. What you canimmediately see and what truly lays within.  This argument led the projectto establish this special bond by making a clear division between the elementsthat form a chair. This partition is done in two groups: skeleton andexoskeleton. The former comprises the inner frame, which is the one thatenvelops the function of use. Whereas the latter include the most visibleparts, which represents the symbolic function of the object that interactsimmediately with the user. The intention of this design has been to develop aproduct that symbolized the importance of these two groups, understanding themas a unit in which its parts live in symbiotic relationship as well as eachhaving their own unique features. This design is made to target both home andcontract markets.

This project was developed in collaboration with CreativeAffairs.