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Branding - Java 101

I was assigned to brand and design all graphics for a student-run restaurant in the Delaware Technical Community College - Owens Campus (Georgetown, Delaware). This project involved working with a committee, consisting of faculty and students, to create a brand that inspired a nourishing environment of fun and learning. 
Java 101 Window Decal
Printed Logo Example
Business Stationary, Hot Beverage Cup, and To-Go Bag
Printed Example of Menu Design
Menu Layout (Front)
Menu Layout (Inside)
Java 101 Primary Logo
Java 101 Secondary Logo
Java 101 Iconic Logo
Poster Design Campaign #1 "The Gals"
Poster Campaign Design #2 "The Guys"
Media Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Target Audience: Community, Delaware Tech Students, Faculty & Staff
Branding - Java 101

Branding - Java 101

Various print materials for Java 101.


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