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    A collection of illustrations intended for t-shirt design born from my own bizarre sense of humor. Enjoy!
Digital Illustrations Part 1
Just some fun random illustrations I've done over the past few years
Behold! Here are a handful of pieces I did for Threadless.  Unfortunately despite promising starts in the voting round none ever made it to print.  Oh well, I'm quite proud of the artwork I made, and along the way I learned the value of a limited color palette as mandated by the printing process.  All of these started off as an inked drawing later scanned  and colored in photoshop.
Sharkadactyl vs. Snaketopus: A psy-figh Original Movie
Truly Captivating
Ooooooooooooh Benji!
Easy Pickins
Robin Hood is  a Jerk
Seriously Stalin? Seriously?
Elsewhere in the Multiverse...
Mexican Standoff
Four Horsemen of the Apocutelypse