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Cybercycle Concept

Substance 3D Painter
Substance 3D Stager
Cyberpunk scene done exclusively using Adobe Substance 3D pipeline. The project took about 25h, start to finish.
It was modeled in Substance Modeler, without external references or kitbashing. When exporting from Modeler, you are able to automatically unwrap UV map for your object and do mesh retopology. In this case, I decimated the mesh to 2M polygons (from around 68M) and exported everything in 7 pieces.
UV map is UDIM (7x4K tiles) and I made asset's textures using Substance Painter.
The scene was assembled, lit and rendered in Substance Stager. I have 2 studio scenes where I control all the lighting via area lights and 360 backdrop mesh. 

The final renders utilized one of the environment lights which ships with Stager with added sunlight. 
The environment was created using the upcoming 3D capture feature in Substance Sampler. I used Canon EOS R5 with cross-polarization filter for photo capturing. 

Sampler is able to digest these photos and produce a highly accurate photogrammetry mesh + textures. The entire environment is assembled out of 3 scans. Each one has about 4M polygons and 2X16K textures. 
Photo sample (left) vs the final 3D model in Stager (right).
Cybercycle Concept