In a world of round oranges, we are born square  (but not sharp, we want to specify it). 
We are born as unusual, and we are proud of it. 
Expect everything, except normality.
We are exactly like orange juice: pure energy. 
And the goal is to send it to you, through our work.
The desire to change the norm, to be able to let you see  reality from an unusual point of view,
distorting the usual  and finally, propose it as you did not expect. 
This is Squared Orange.
We aim to provide what you need: innovation. 
We want you to stand out from the crowd, then we will cure every aspect useful for this purpose.
Put us to the test. 
We deal with communication at 360°,  starting from classic advertising and 2.0, 
through brand positioning, coming to the study of real business plan 
for customers who choose to trust us.
We employ a young and enthusiastic team, always with the head in the clouds, 
but with the feet firmly welded to the floor. 
This allows us to play freely with our creativity, 
but also to know exactly when we can do it.
Here we go. Dreamers, but at the same time realistic. 
We have finally come up with a strong and decisive identity, 
which will strike you with its strong color tones, but that will rock you with its soft curves.