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The Lazy Farmer´s Aged Goods
"The Lazy Farmer´s Aged Goods"
This is a self initiated project for a fictional brand concept.
The idea behind it is that this brand that makes all sorts of products that are aged, dried or fermented in some way or another. The Lazy Farmer is featured relaxing on each package as he waits for the products to age sufficiently.
I wanted to create an idea that this slob is so lazy that the only farmwork he is good at is waiting for things to dry!
But as he points out on the back of the package, it is his patience and not his lack of energy that makes a good aged product...
This project has been featured on the "Packaging of the World" blog:
Beef Jerky - Front
Front & side
Dusty Old Beef Jerky
The back
The first goal of the package is for the buyer to physically pick up and examine the product because of its strange imagery.
After that they´ll hopefully decide they want a dry snack anyway and chuck it in their shopping cart! 
Mango Slices - Front
Rusty Old Mango Slices
Grapes - Front
Musty Old Grapes
Banana Slices - Front
Crusty Old Banana Slices
The main font is a strong and bold, yet humorous sans serif called "Whoopass".
The secondary is the more legible serif font, Courier Bold.
These are some rough drafts and sketchings I did early on in the idea process.
The working title was "Lazy Lad´s" in the beginning stages. I eventually chose the "Farmer" name to make it more clear what this guy actually has a job to do. 
A lazy job maybe, but someone has to be in charge of aging the products.
The dry-snack market has heaps of products and they usually fall in to a variation  of the following categories that I choose to call:
- American Machismo Classic 
- Healthcrazed Female
- Noisy Generic
- Mundane Generic
If I wanted my product to stand out i felt I needed to bring some humour and a bit of narrative to the design. A minimalistic approach to layout was also important to make my series distinctive.
Bright colors, surprising imagery, a clean layout, narrative and humour.
Thank you for your patience!
The Lazy Farmer´s Aged Goods

The Lazy Farmer´s Aged Goods

Self initiated project for a fictional brand-concept.

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