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    Developing my style.
Adam Lallana
Peter Crouch
Diego Costa
Paul Pogba
Carles Puyol
Tony Adams
Wayne Rooney
Q. What do you call a legendary Arsenal striker suffering from a lack of spirit, enthusiasm, or interest?
Aaron Ramsey
Frank Lampard
Andrea Pirlo
Tim Howard
Used to be a Saint, now he's a Red.
RIP Alfredo Di Stefano
Luis Suarez
Iniesta says of his 2010 World Cup winning goal - “If I hadn’t waited, I wouldn’t have scored. I let gravity do its work and I scored. That was Newton!”
Andy Carroll
Joe Allen
Ross Barkley
Gareth Bale
Kevin Prince Boateng
Raheem Sterling celebrating
Rickie Lambert
Phil Coutinho
Vincent Kompany
Sad times for Liverpool
Remember when Wes Anderson managed Real Madrid?
Neymar using his phone
riquelme is that most romantic of things to a fan; the footballer that does not look like a footballer. his eyes are deep set under the overhang of his furrowed brow, they don’t possess the academic focus of a highly trained dutch academy alumni. his application to the game comes from a different place. he strolls, he languidly dishes out nutmegs like he was dealing cards to hapless competitors in a poker game. if you love football, he dwells in your heart. he is a footballing patchwork of human and heavenly touches. this both elevates and grounds him, allowing us to gape at the mystifying expanse in between. the very nature of that contrast endears him to us and captures our imaginations with one beguiling swoop.
'Waiting in the wings'

A quick comment on both Beckham's position and his status as a celebrity. Here he watches from the flanks in the theatre of dreams as his cross is headed goal ward.
Danny Welbeck seeing the light...
Your mind has to squint when appreciating John Terry. It’s like ‘oh I can admire that bit, but not that, or that’. He is a multifaceted public personality who represents something different to all who see him. For some he is the persistent England captain, for others a model professional in regard to work standard and consistency. Supporters of Chelsea see him as their brave captain, a legend and a leader. For others still he is a philanderer, and a racist. Those who know him closely say what an astoundingly nice guy he is. All these conflicting stories about the man make me think it is near impossible to get a true sense of him. Any drawing I was going to do had to somehow contain the conflict of good and bad potential. I’ve tied up his role as captain in how he is seen by his fans whilst giving him an expression not common to those depicted with a halo above their heads. It’s a collision of conflicting images of the same man, which I think is as close as I could get.