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    Conceptual design contest for a Hostel/Observatory located at the Nazca Lines in Peru
The Nazca project was an interesting one indeed... the rules required to elevate the lodging part of the program 100 meters (328 ft) for all the rooms to have access to the magnificent view of the Nazca Lines located in the Pampa region of Peru.
The two main pillars holding the entire program at the desired height will serve as enclosed emergency staircase and also concealed the basic services (water, electricity, etc) to the guests areas; the means to access the rooms, dinning and rest of program would be a high speed elevator with a glass front directly accessing the Nazca lines located in front of the structure.
The dinning area opens to a deck that serves as an observatory also each room would have it's own balcony to awake to the sunset and the lines in the horizon.
Main Floor plans
Entry at ground level... a grand open space covered by a glass tinted sloping structure being held by tensors attached to the main pillars.