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A website for an architect
Client: LLG Architecture. 
Client's profession: An architecture firm. 
Client's location: America. 
Client's needs: Website, hosting, full branding, logo. 
Client's goals: As the client became more popular and busy they needed to upgrade their website to reflect their level of work.

Tools used: Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo. 
Development: WordPress core & Gutenberg blocks, PHP, jQuery, SASS, HTML5.
The client was very specific with their colour palette. They wanted the primary blue to carry over to the new website and form part of their branding. So I needed to make a palette based around this blue while also still communicating this is an architecture firm.
The client were quite keen on two elements for the logo to contain. One was a phoenix bird and the other was 'llg'. So to begin with I was trying to create a phoenix out of the letter LLG.
First set of logos designs
In the end we agreed the direction did not feel professional enough. So we decided to simplify and change direction. In the end, we settled on a direction and here are the final logos. 
Some of the final iterations
Final logo designs
The website was simple in my mind. Make the images talk. Images, images, images. This was the key and I advised the client to use a professional photographer to take pictures of all their projects. In architecture what you have created and what a potential client can see you have built is where you will grow. In my humble opinion anyway..

So for the homepage, I built a custom-made fullscreen slide show with the ability to take the user to the next slide or the case study related to the slide.
Home page - slide 2
Home page - slide 3
Home page - main navigation
For the contact page, I wanted to again keep the website super modern and super simple. So I put the contact form inside the menu. Any contact information the user might need is contained within the footer or menu itself at all times.
Home page - main navigation - contact form
Main portfolio page
 portfolio case study page
About page
Media and press release page
Custom reviews page
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A website for an architect


A website for an architect