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A website for a group of churches

Client: The Wildbrooks Benefice (TWB). 
Client's profession: The Wildbrooks Benefice is a group of 4 churches. 
Client's location: Sussex, UK. 
Client's needs: Website, hosting. 
Client's goals: TWB wanted to modernise their website and focus on a unified website for the 4 churches in total. Originally only one of the churches had a website attached to it.

Tools used: Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo. 
Development: WordPress core & Gutenberg blocks, jQuery, SASS, HTML5.
St. Michaels church in Amberley already had a website, which was old a seldom used. Further to this, the overall benefice had 3 other churches that it was responsible for. So they wanted to make a new website which catered for all 4 websites.

In addition, they also wanted to include an audio and virtual guide to St. Michaels. 

For the design, since all the churches were old village churches, I decided to go for a mix of earthy/old and modern. So I picked a series of forest greens. I also decided on a serif font for the text, to keep that old feeling throughout.
UI kit
The biggest challenge for me was how to combine all the different services across the different churches whilst keeping the work of the volunteers to a minimum. One of my personal bugbears is when old, expired events/services still show on websites. So I made a custom services block that would automatically remove a service once its date had passed. In the backend, the client could either delete the service or if it was a repeating service simply change the date. This solution proved a real hit and has saved them a lot of time.
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A website for a group of churches


A website for a group of churches