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    We really wanted to create Space!

We really wanted to create Space! Those who have ever wanted Space will understand us. And Space has to be beautiful. Space is more gorgeous than design. And it so happens that Space is not really compatible with design. Space prevailed. Also, in this country Space happens in April. It’s the fourth time our team has something happening in April. And this is how Honest Festival of Advertisement and Media Content got a new website. 
Online habitat of our Festival fully corresponds with the established goals and is an illustrative example of web punk. It is already approaching the melting point, keeping in line with the laws of web metallurgy. Reality of the dawning of web design fills it with soul, hiding an opportunity for an adventure within itself.
As organizers of this festival we long to share the joy of the Beginning, Take-off, and the feeling of the upcoming Launch with the participants, visitors, and members of the jury.
It is rad to be everlastingly young and perspective. Who would wish to be taken seriously at all times? All this babbling, raffling of hair and inclusion into the group of perspective kids is nothing but a very polite and patronizing way of saying that you are a nobody. Which is why we’re got a very per-spec-tive festival. And our site is perspective. Actually, at this stage it would be more honest to say it’s a possibility of a site. We haven’t finished everything yet. And even if the girl has already swallowed a digital void, the cat is not yet ready to give chase. However, a Persian rug is already waiting in the comfortable space of a personal account. We keep in mind all the glitches of our site, but it has all started with Space. And Space is an enormous and perpetual entity. Like Space, our site is perpetually in perspective. In short, tell us if you’ve found a glitch. We’ll set it straight.

*In Russian, ‘perspective’ also means ‘promising’, and this pun is a core of our site. Just thought we’d tell you.