Alternative movie poster: Captain America 2

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  • My submission for an alternative movie poster collection at Same series that showcased my alternative poster for Gravity, along with Thor, Oldboy and Her
    Seeing that there were so many Captain America: The Winter Soldier posters out there (both official and alternative), I tried abandoning what has already been seen: a lot of shots of Cap, the Winter Soldier figure, a flying Falcon, Black Widow wielding guns, some Helicarriers, a DC backdrop, etc. I went with just isolating Captain America, what he represents and what he's facing.
    The US flag was what I started with initially. Once I got the color solidified, everything else came together. The flag serves as the literal represenation of what Captain America stands for and defends. 
    I made the dark and stormy skyline backdrop as a representation of the Winter Solider and everything that Captain America will face in the plot of this sequel.
    Overall, with the coloring and minimalist setting, the poster has a sort of subtle retro feel that is seen in my other posters (this is all derived from commentary from fellow friends), so it may go well with my overall portfolio.
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