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Motorbike Drawing Techniques

Can’t get enough of my tutorials? Okay then I’ll show you how I draw motorbikes. I use the same principles in drawing cars. Please refer to link
Just some examples.
More examples..
Even more of them...
I decided that I’ll draw a Suzuki R-GSX. First up I gather photo references from the internet.
Next step, just like with the car tutorial I do a rough sketch with blue colored pencils. After that I draw the perspective lines.
Work on the outlines. Make sure they are the thickest lines you’ll draw.
I put details on the wheels and disc brakes.
Add details on the motorbike’s body.
Some decals would be nice.
I’m not accustomed to using smudgers or pencil stamps. I thought I would experiment some new techniques with it.
I scan the art at 300 dpi. Make sure it’s being scanned in color. Using hue/saturation on Photoshop I remove the blue pencil lines. Just follow the settings in the image.
Once it’s clean from the blue pencil lines I use levels and brightness/contrast to tweak my art. Use a bit of dodge tools to clean up the artwork.
There you have it. That wasn't as hard as we thought. Atleast for me, I've been practicing a lot so it makes things easier. 
I never thought using smudgers will make my pencil sketches look less grainy. I should use more of it.
Motorbike Drawing Techniques