Perola Sky

Perola Sky. Bringing art to private flights
Perola Sky is a Portuguese company, which has been operating in the private air travel market, where most of the market players compete on price and use visual clichés. We helped Perola Sky find its unique perception reflecting the individuality of approach and delicacy of taste. More details on

Design strategy and visual identity ∙ Slogan, copyright and tone of voice ∙ Site design and development ∙ Print management and consulting

Bureau Team

Egor Fomin / Partner & Creative Director
Sergey Dergachenko / Partner & Design Director
Savva Platonov / Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Alexey Mikhailov /
 Graphic Designer & Copywriter
Kseniya Yakovleva / UI designer

Bureau Partners
Maksim Podobnyi / Kosmolet / Frontend & Backend
Natalya Solovyova / Motion Design
Mikhail Finogenov / Cabinet 71 / Photography

Perola Sky