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    My response to the Fedrigoni YCN brief for 13/14 to design a desk calendar promoting the Woodstock range.
Summary of brief:

To design a desk calendar for Fedrigoni customers to promote the Woodstock paper range. Woodstock is an uncoated pulp coloured collection of papers and boards. A unique paper range made from 80% recycled pre-consumer waste and 20% FSC certified Virgin fibre.

​The calendar will be for the attention of graphic designers and those with a keen interest in fine special papers.
The design I created is centred around graphic designers’ need to meet and track deadlines.
The 365 pages of the calendar have tabs folded into them that can be pulled out with an easy flick to highlight to the designer how close in proximity the looming deadline is. Due to the circular nature of the design, it enables more than one deadline to be viewed at once.
A Fedrigoni wedge opens up the pages to reveal the current date, which the user will move on a daily basis. The logo provides a reminder of the paper brand to the designer.
To represent the percentages of the recycled stock and virgin fibre composition of the paper, the wedge is designed to make up 20% of the calendar when viewed from above – much like a pie chart.
As deadlines are perpetual, I designed the calendar so that it could be used year after year.
The wedge also holds a stack of post-it notes that the designer can use to make important notes and reminders for the deadlines which can be stuck to pages of the calendar where appropriate.
A radial swatch table informs the designer which weights the coloured papers are available in and has small circular samples stuck to the surface to enable its tactility to be appreciated.
The custom typeface I designed to display the dates, made up of dots, uses less ink than conventional text; thereby making printing the calendar more sustainable, which is in keeping with the environmentally-friendly nature of the Woodstock range.