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"Ars Zorot" is a 12-part illustration series that artist explores the signs of the 12 sun-sign Zodiac, through the interpretation of the Tarot. E… Read More
"Ars Zorot" is a 12-part illustration series that artist explores the signs of the 12 sun-sign Zodiac, through the interpretation of the Tarot. Each Zodiac sign is characterized by it's adjacent cardinal (meaning "guide" or leading figure) Tarot card. The symbolism is illustrated throughout by incorporating both Tarot and Zodiac meaning in character props and other animal figures, such as weapons and attire. This series is presented in order of the Gregorian (Western) calendar year, as to simplify readings, and via Society6 feature black & white line drawings as 1st editions. Read Less
Ars Zorot
stella manus omnium deum
"Ars Zorot" is a 12-part illustration series that artist explores the signs of the 12 sun-sign Zodiac, through the interpretation of the Tarot. Each Zodiac sign is characterized by it's adjacent cardinal (meaning "guide" or leading figure) Tarot card. The symbolism is illustrated throughout by incorporating both Tarot and Zodiac meaning in character props and other animal figures, such as their weapons and/ or attire.
This series is presented in order of the Gregorian (Western) calendar year, as to simplify readings, and via Society6 feature black & white line drawings as 1st editions.
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Aries - The Emperor
The ram symbols on the Emperor's throne refer to the idea of God in the Arien Astrological Age or dispensation, in which the deity was seen as a stern ruler demanding sole loyalty and adherence to His laws. The Emperor's steel armor and the red tones of the imagery represent the planet Mars, and its correlations with self defense and initiation of new ideas. The sign Aries starts at the Spring Equinox, when nature is renewing itself, this key is secondarily ruled by the planet Pluto, planet of transformation and rebirth, and more commonly known as ruler of Scorpio.
Aries symbolises the first testing of strength and new beginnings in general. It looks towards the future without regarding the past. Individuals with an emphasis of this sign are people of action: Their motto is "Act now". They are independent and have strong leadership qualities. They can get things moving, like taking the initiative and enjoy competing with others to test their abilities. They usually discover what they are capable of in competitive situations because it is here that they can test and confirm their strength of character and fighting spirit.
Taurus - The Hierophant
The Hierophant represents hearing, both outer and inner. Associated astrologically with the Earth Sign Taurus, this key has many symbols of the ears and throat, in which the larynx, used in singing, is housed. Ruled by Venus, associated with the throat Chakra and thyroid gland, this sign and tarot key also represents physical growth and stamina. The figure actually represents feminine or subconscious principles underlined by Taurus' Venus rulership and Moon's exaltation within. Rather than representing a visible form of rulership such as seen in the previous key, The Emperor, The Hierophant represents our inner hearing or intuition, which seems to come from within, sometimes perceived as an "inner voice".  The [bull] kneeling in front of the Hierophant represent our personality functions of intellect and desire, which must be submitted to this higher teaching from within.
Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. It is concerned with pausing and comprehending the physical world through the senses: taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell. Individuals with an emphasis of this sign in their natal charts are very sensual, passionately devoted to the world of sensual pleasures and are very physical. The basic principle could be described as "the longing to absorb sensually", and both the physical world and the realm of material values play an important role: The motto here is possession or being able to call something my own.
Gemini - The Lovers
The Lovers represents the spiritual and psychological function of discrimination, or the ability to tell things apart, separating them by comparing them. This intellectual ability corresponds to the Zodiac sign Gemini and its astrological ruler, Mercury. A standard of occult law is that our consciousness outer world perceives opposites, such as night and day or good and evil, and the most obvious pair of opposites represented in this key is Male and Female. The man represents our self-conscious mind whereas the female represents subconsciousness, and together the imagery represents inner light and outer space meeting at one point; infinity and eternity joined in time. All of existence is love.
Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. It stands for the assimilation and communication of the numerous impressions life has to offer. Here perception is filtered through the intellect. The emphasis in on the acquirement of knowledge. Those born under the sign of Gemini are interested in current events and love to be up to date on the latest developments. They are interested in a wide variety of things. They are sociable and can adapt to a wide variety of different people. Language is very important to them and they love to read and educate themselves, and equally love to share their own ideas with others, whether through speech or by writing. Gemini individuals also love to be on the move in order to find stimulation in the world around them.
Cancer - The Chariot
The Chariot is really a combination of all the spiritual and psychological principles represented by the preceding tarot keys and represents the idea of Will, or at least the illusion of it, which seems to come from inside the vehicle, or chariot of our souls, controlling the mind and the emotions. This idea of a vehicle of the soul corresponds to this keys association with Zodiac sign Cancer, and the glyph illustrated behind the figure represents that cyclic flow of essence, particularly emotional energy. The charioteer's canopy is filled with stars indicating the receptivity to cosmic influences represented by Cancer's ruler, the Moon. Although Cancer is a feminine, receptive sign, it is Cardinal, or initiating, corresponding again to this idea of Will.
Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. It is associated with empathetic and maternal qualities. It is sensitive to impressions rising from the depths of the soul. It embodies a world of images and dreams which is difficult to put into words or describe in any kind of concrete way. And although this world is ever present, other signs generally find it more difficult to access than the imaginative and sensitive individuals born under the sign of Cancer. 
The energy of Cancer is introverted in nature, and Cancerians usually prefer moments of quiet contemplation in which they can sense the more subtle aspects of life. They have a fine intuition and are always receptive to the moods of others, which can sometimes cause them to be moody. Their need for emotional contact can sometimes lead them to unintentionally manipulate other people, and because of their strongly emotional nature, they are sometimes in danger of rejecting all appeals to reason, only allowing their feelings to guide their actions. They often build up a thick emotional shell with which to hide and protect their sensitive, impressionable, shy and vulnerable core from being hurt or completely at the mercy of others.
Leo - Strength
Strength represents the Zodiacal sign Leo and connects the spheres of Justice and Mercy on the Qabalistic Tree Of Life. The lion represents the life power known in Indian terminology as Kundalini, and the woman opening the lion's mouth symbolizes the gradual activation of this power. The roses around the figure's feet indicate that the only safe way of activating this kundalini energy is through love and creativity, opening the heart chakra represented by Leo's ruler the Sun.
Leo longs to give form to something. It is here that the zodiac reaches its greatest splendour. It is a centrifugal force that radiates warmth. It wants to be creatively active and express its own being, whether in playful interaction with life, creative work or giving birth to children. Leo wants to make something of its talents, it wants to leave something to be remembered by. Individuals with an emphasis of the sign of Leo in their horoscopes love to be the centre of attention and to allow others to bask in their glory. They like to be the Sun at the centre of their own universe around which everything revolves. For this they naturally need an audience willing to reflect back their greatness. The danger is that Leo individuals may not be able to fulfil their own expectations. They can then resemble an elaborate facade with little substance behind it and can appear conceited, arrogant and hypocritical. As the Heracles myth shows, Leo individuals must defeat the wild animal within before adorning themselves with its attributes. Only then will they be bestowed their dignity and power.
Virgo - The Hermit
The Hermit represents completion, as can be seen by the old man - Mercury having climbed the mountain and shining his light of wisdom down for all aspirants below him. The Hermit's service to others and solitude correlates with the sign Virgo, as does his staff, which represents Virgo's physical function of digestion. It is this Mutable Earth Sign's functions which transform energy in food to "light" or wisdom represented by the 6-pointed star lamp held by The Hermit, taking place in the small intestine. Mercury's rulership and exaltation in this sign indicate that it is correct selection and discrimination in food choices which affect both our physical and mental health.
Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. It is concerned with evaluating and utilising. Virgo is passionately devoted to details and is a keen observer of the small things, including those others might consider insignificant. Virgoans are very conscientious in everything they do and excel at creating order. They can be of service to a cause or an individual. The word service often gives rise to negative associations when in actual fact there are few individuals who do not serve in some way or another. Therefore, and because the term Virgo is associated with sexual abstinence, the sign of Virgo often has a rather bad reputation. Typical Virgo associations are in fact misleading. According to the psychoanalyst and astrologer Liz Greene, the mythological virgin is "the archetypal image of the free woman who is first and foremost espoused to her innermost self and only secondly to a man". In this case, the prime emphasis is being true to oneself rather than carrying out the wishes of others.
Those born under the sign of Virgo also have healing qualities. They are very aware of the relationship between nutrition and health.
Libra - Justice
Justice corresponds to the Zodiac sign Libra ruled by Venus. On the Qabalistic Tree Of Life, this key connects the Severity/Geburah sphere to Beauty/Tiphareth, and balances the path of The Hermit, which connects the Mercy/Chesed sphere to Beauty. The spiritual principle illustrated is of course Karma or the result of action, represented by the female figure's robes. The scales represent balance, as Libra seeks equilibrium, and the weights on its scale symbolize equality by means of value.
Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. It is concerned with consciously appraising and evaluating one's own intentions. Libra, being an air sign, has a love of the intellect and collects information in order gain a balanced opinion of any situation. The ability to be fair can also become a burden when the strive to be objective leads to indecision. The situation is often further exacerbated by Libra's longing for harmony. To come down in favour of something or someone means also means deciding against something or someone. This violates the Libran ideals of diplomacy, tact and willingness to compromise. Under difficult circumstances this can lead to a craving for admiration where the most important thing is not to hurt the feelings of others. The need for harmony is also apparent in the appearance of Libra individuals. They have a keen sense for all the aesthetic aspects of life. The beauty in form should express the inner beauty but can become an end in itself. For this reason, the arts play a major role in the life of Libra individuals.
Scorpio - Death
Tarot's ominous Key 13, Death, becomes less foreboding when we examine the symbolism and astrological rulership in detail. Representing the sign Scorpio, which is traditionally ruled by Mars but more modernly by Pluto, everything about this key signals the process of change or transformation and the life-death continuum, kept in motion via sexual reproduction. The figure points on out, to imply movement or change, while the rising sun (at the far left of figure) suggests the passing of the night and the rebirth of a new day. The figure is poised upon a skull, which at an end, marks the death of the past and tittering upon "the brow of Time" the potential future leaps forth. The white rose on the banner carried by the figure indicates both purity and unity. In tarot symbolism, red roses symbolize personal desire, whereas white roses symbolize universal desire.
Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. It is also considered to be one of the most enigmatic signs due to the wide variety of ways in which it can find expression. Whether a Scorpio person feels driven by instincts or takes on the form of a phoenix and rises to the highest heights, he/she is always able to go through a process of regeneration and start something completely new. This individual lives passionately and intensely but it requires a high level of maturity in order not to destroy those things he/she covets or loves the most. Individuals with an emphasis of this sign tend towards extremes of behaviour. Their motto is often 'everything or nothing'!
Sagittarius - Temperence
Temperance is associated with the Zodiac sign Sagittarius. The path leading up the mountain in the background symbolizes spiritual aspiration guided by higher principles which correspond to this sign's ruler, Jupiter. In some versions of this key is a rainbow, the result of sunlight shining through water vapor, which underlines the symbolism here of mixing fire and water in the idea of Temperance. The flowers in the imagery of this key are Irises, since in Greek Mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow.
Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. It is concerned with integrating knowledge into a greater whole. Sagittarius gazes into the distance - it is orientated towards the future and strives to discover the meaning in everything. It perceives the world in a holistic manner. It is concerned with integrating knowledge into a greater whole. Sagittarius gazes into the distance - it is orientated towards the future and strives to discover the meaning in everything. It perceives the world in a holistic manner. Individuals with an emphasis of this sign are always trying to broaden their horizons, whether by travelling and getting to know foreign cultures or immersing themselves in philosophy.
Capricorn - The Devil
The Devil shows the image of a mythical creature appearing as a bat, eagle and goat, however in its features elude to a mysterious energy. The latter's horns also point to this key's association with sign Capricorn. All these clues point to the fact that what exoteric religion calls The Devil is an idea that we ourselves have created by putting too much emphasis on external appearances, without penetrating to how they were caused. The upside-down pentagram on The Devil's head also indicates the wrong assumptions made about the physical level of creation. The chains around the figures attached to this half-cube are loose and can easily be removed once the illusion of separateness is realized. The human-like figures are representations of Oblivion (Darkness of Space) and Inception (Light of Energy), both bound to the goat, and the realm of Reality.
Detail of Oblivion
Detail of Inception
Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. It is concerned with the social sphere. The individual is part of society and must adhere to certain rules - while at the same time acting responsibly. People born with an emphasis on this sign are very good at understanding the duties that come with being part of society: They generally adhere to the existing rules and regulations and they crave social recognition for the work they do for society. They are able to take on responsibilities, concentrate on what is necessary and essential and work hard. They persevere and are very patient because they are able to concentrate on long-term goals and greater social roles. They are dedicated, hard working and able to put up with long periods without success in order to finally achieve what they long for. They are disciplined and want to get to the heart of any matter and they generally contribute to upholding existing social structures and order. Capricorns are sometimes in danger of sacrificing their ethical principles in order to achieve their goals, and their motto is sometimes: "The ends justify the means". Their sense of duty can also lead them to neglect other areas of their lives which can sometimes cause them to develop a dour and hard attitude to life. One of the shadow aspects of Capricorn is its tendency to worship rules and regulations which can cause them to overlook alternative individual solutions to social problems. And finally, Capricorns tend to revere tradition and try to conserve those things which they feel have stood the test of time. 

In ancient mythology, Capricorn is related to the god Pan. 
Aquarius - The Star
The Star represents the calm after the storm represented by the previous key, The Tower. Psychologically, it represents the process of meditation, and astrologically it represents the sign Aquarius. The central figure, which is in this instance positively female, is naked to show that she is open to the teachings revealed by meditation on nature, and is free from any preconceived ideas based on the illusions of separateness. Her depth of knowledge appears as vast as the depths of Space.
Aquarius is the eleventh Sign of the Zodiac. As an air sign, its approach to life is primarily mental, even intellectual. As a fixed sign, Aquarius further represents the individual who remains fixed in his ideas, whether or not they are popular, conventional, or widely accepted. Because it is an air sign, however, Aquarius is not particularly interested in the emotional commitment of close friendships of the “best friend” (and watery) variety. A sun-Aquarian is stereotypically the person with many acquaintances but few very close friends— by choice. In combining the futuristic, iconoclastic nature of Uranus with the mental quality of an air sign, individuals with a strong emphasis on Aquarius in their natal chart are often interested in the greater good of society. They can picture a fairer society without the existing hierarchies, in which every person can follow their own interests as long as they don't infringe on the rights of others: personal freedom and independence are highly valued. Although they have a highly developed sense of their own individuality and uniqueness, they need like-minded individuals to help them pursue and realize their interests and ideas.
Pisces - The Moon
The Moon, represents the astrological sign Pisces, ruled by the outer planet Neptune and the imagery suggests the principles of evolution, both physical and spiritual. The illuminated fish emerging from the pool in the foreground can be seen as the animal soul evolving as it progresses up the rolling path towards the two towers and beyond, through firstly the mineral level of creation, then the plant level, then the animal and human levels and beyond the two towers to humanity's next stage of evolution. The dog and the wolf on either side of the path represent the process of adaptation which is essential to evolution, as organisms which do not have the genetic mutations which adapt them to their environment do not survive. On a more psychological and spiritual level, this adaptation comes through art and sacrifice. Scientific research shows that it is our moon which has been paramount on the process of natural evolution from simple life forms in the ocean. It is the constant motion of the tides, produced by the gravitational effects of our moon upon earth's oceans, which has forced organisms to adapt and change. The Moon also represents the subconscious mind, active in the process sleep of dreaming associated with this key.
Pisces is a mutable water sign, meaning that Pisces planets are apt to be flexible and adaptable, and to operate primarily through the emotions. Traditionally Venus is exalted in Pisces, in keeping with her mythology. Mercury, in domicile and exaltation in Virgo, is in its fall in its opposite sign of Pisces. This does not indicate that people with Mercury in Pisces lack intelligence! It does say something about how their intelligence is likely to be expressed: with an imaginative "big picture" approach, more than an aptitude for analytical fact-finding.  People born with an emphasis of horoscope factors in Pisces tend to have a powerful imagination and intuition. Spirituality may play an important role in their lives, under Neptunian longing to merge with the divine.
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