Khaki Kit
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Client: Khaki Creative & Design
Art Director: Nod Young
Designer: Simon Lopez
Illustrator: Nod Young, Simon Lopez, PopilCopywriter: Hsu Kang Li
Year: 2008
 This winter, as we endure the harsh realities brought on by the global financial storm, we believe that inspiration will rise from these challenges, and success tomorrow will surely follow the losses suffered today.  You have in your hand The Branding Guru’s Kit, a creative set of cards that was designed using 20th century motifs to represent quirky modern advertisements, because we think that optimism and humor are two of the best qualities to have in times of difficulty.  It is our pleasure to share those qualities with you! The Branding Guru’s Kit contains nine products and services that will help you with your marketing and branding needs.  For example, the White Toothpaste makes you a master of persuasion, Times Memorial Hospital cures you Idea Deprivation, and our private ninja Heihachi Fujita helps to gather top-secret intelligence on your business competitors.