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Mumbai Rail Map - Print Design in 5 Languages

Mumbai Rail Map
मुंबई रेल नक्शा . ممبئی ریل کا نقشہ . मुंबई रेल नकाशा . મુંબઈ રેલ નક્શો

Since the first Mumbai Rail Map launch in December 2013, the project has grown due to the perseverance of a motivated team, and the encouragement and feedback from the people of Mumbai. After completing the Version 5 of the Mumbai Rail map, it was tested at Dadar and CST Railways stations with commuters with permission from central Railways and support of Railway board Delhi and IIT Bombay. The current version 6 of the print map included many of the Insights from the user feedback. 

The latest version 6 of the MRM are available in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Urdu & English languages
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Design of the 
Mumbai Suburban Rail Map

Design for People: Mumbai suburban rail is one of the busiest rapid transit systems in the world — operating more than 2000 train services and carrying more than 7 million passengers daily. Rail map plays a critical role in providing the travel related information to help commuters navigate and guide them towards informed decision making prior to the journey. In absence of such maps in Mumbai, people obviously prefer to ask someone. Most people tend to reconfirm by asking a few more people due to anxiety of the situation. At times people interact in the ticket line with other commuters or make enquiries at the ticket counter while buying their tickets. The ticket vendor feels offended by such queries as it tends to disturb him which is sometimes evident through his gestures. Due to lack of information people are not aware of the possibility of alternate routes of travel to certain destinations. We set out to solve this problem by creating portable maps in different languages.

There are a few maps, which already exist on the Internet but were not well designed. We have identified those issues and attempted to resolve them. 1. Persuading users to use the map by design 2. Ease in locating your station or travel destinations 3. Ease in identifying the unique routes and transfers
A very first draft:
We started working on the project as a group, myself along with Snehal Patil. We did the groundwork together. Afterwards we made two different versions of maps. We have shown iterations regarding how we went about it. In a way this technique seems to be more useful when it came to design decisions and arguments. Looking at the two completely different approaches for the same visual design problem, we could articulate many reasons why to include or eliminate certain visual elements. Arguing with and against us we finally proposed an ideal solution governed by functional prioirties.

Snehal's second iteration with index:
There were many more design decisions to be made. What all information must be on the map? Should there be station numbers or codes? Is the time between stations absolutely necessary? What is the most striking way of differentiating between the fast and slow lines? What kind of a grid must be adopted? Can an index or a legend be avoided? Also, what size should the map be in? 

All these decisions became discussions and deliberations,
with the first version launched on 1st December 2013.

Version 01 of the Mumbai Rail Map (MRM): December 1st 2013 
Launched through social media and published through various english and regional language news papers

Testing on the site revealed various issues
Version 5 of Mumbai Rail Map: 

User testing done at Dadar central and Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus to check comprehension difficulties in the map. Post completion of Version 5, and getting due permissions from Central Railway, the Mumbai Rail Map (MRM) was tested at Dadar and CST Railway stations. The Map was installed at foot over bridges on both the stations and the user testing was on 9 May–14 May, 2014. 

Documentation of the user feedback at Dadar and CST
MRM Latest Version 6.0 
Available in 5 languages - Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Gujarati and English

Installation on the stations
Backlit 'You Are Here' maps 
Backlit prototype of MRM V6
Installing the Mumbai Rail Map V6 at Dadar railway station in 3 languages; Hindi, Marathi and English
Mumbai Rail Map: Installed at Bandra railway station in 3 languages; Hindi, Marathi and English
Love Mumbai
Mumbai Rail Map Products
School Charts for Children
Mumbai Rail Map Products at Filter Store, Fort, Mumbai

Printed maps and other products available at: 


Mumbai Transformation Project - IIT Bombay, 
Supported by: Ministry of human resource and development,
Government of India

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Mumbai Rail Map - Print Design in 5 Languages
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Mumbai Rail Map - Print Design in 5 Languages

मुंबई रेल नक्शा . ممبئی ریل کا نقشہ . मुंबई रेल नकाशा . મુંબઈ રેલ નક્શો An extensive journey that started over a year back dreaming to give the c Read More

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