Reutilization of abandoned prison
The project consisted in reutilizing the grounds of a former prison building and transforming it into a community space.
As an integral part of the city’s history and landmark of the neighborhood the buidling will be refurnished as a municipal civic center, school of arts and museum.
To maximize the site space all the surrounding smaller structures are to be demo to allow an esplanade, a sunken amphitheater and green areas. The sloped topography spawned dynamic ways to access and explore the space at different elevations by means of underpasses, stairs and ramps.
Flyby view of complex...
The main esplanade will be the canvas for local artists to create an horizontal mural
The rooftop will serve as an observatory, were the city and its natural border with the US can be appreciated.
Existing ground structures to be demo.

The back wall of the prision cells will be replaced with tinted glass; stepping away from the old gloomy sight to create an open more inviting urban image.
I wanted to create a beautiful area where the neighbors could install temporary "tienditas" as well as cultural events organized by the City... in the upper left side a sunken theater would be the perfect setting for music gatherings, regional dancing recitals, and more... 

Rooftop view

View of the water wall and underpass/bridge to esplanade