Steplax is a plastic film rolls and sheets company based in Catalonia. 

The design challenge with Steplax was to create a visually appealling and friendly website, able to communicate such an intagible concept as laminated plastics. 

As all the imaginery provided by the client was too "factory" style, i decided to go for a complete different approach. The only photograph chosen was a big rolling machine, converted to a black and white hero image for the home.

The main characters of this site are colours. Bright and bold colours to contrast with the white background and the black neutral silhouettes for each section. The narrative of the product was very hard, so i opted to explain the personality of the company through the contrast of the business style silhouettes in black, solid and defined, to express its 30 years of experience and the boldness of the colours for each section to communicate their aim of modernization.