Epilepsy patients young and old often have to endure difficult periods of testing involving reading brain activity over multiple days. The length of some of these tests created an opportunity to design an ECG system that could be worn by the patient at home, whilst still maintaining safety and sanitation. The device can be quickly and easily setup to analyse brain conditions without confining patients to a single room or tethering them to large diagnostic equipment.
Designing holistically for both adults and kids meant the product needed to be friendly and approachable, whilst remaining discreet and fashionable. Wearables were designed for both adults and kids in different styles and with different ergonomic considerations. I created several prototypes in house before seeking out a capable manufacturer in China and creating extensive documentation for them to proceed with production prototypes.
To engage and comfort kids I also designed a soft toy, inline with the branding and story of the core okti product. Okti has the same medical condition as the patients, providing comfort and a little joy over the course of the testing. The project has received a Good Design Award, which you can read about here.
Role: Branding and Soft-goods Lead
Phases: vision and branding, prototype development, supplier engagement and manufacturing documentation, production prototype.
Duration: 2.5 years
Headcount: 4
Okti Mobile ECG


Okti Mobile ECG