Mandacarú Café opened its doors to jazz lovers in Poble Sec, Barcelona. 

It was the first time i faced the design of a responsive website. After having the main contents provided, i took the mobile-first approach. Defining the navigation for the smallest device makes you focus on defining a clear navigation, as its easier to scale up to bigger devices. Once the info architecture was decided, i started coding my own framework from scratch. As it was my first time with RWD, i decided to code the html manually in order to understand responsiveness as much as i could. 
After many trual and error, i finally got the html and css structure to work smoothly through the defined breakpoints. It was the time to start with the visual aspect. 

The Mandacarú logo and the pictures were provided by the client, so there was a good starting point. I choose a short but solid colour palette. The typography was picked for its modern character with a touch of elegance. My aim was to design a clear and bright website, but also to give the cozy feeling that the café had. For adding this extra cozyness, i used a very subtle texture pattern in the background. 

Mandacarú Café closed its doors early in 2016, so its website is no longer available.