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    Visual profile and concept for children's festival Varnabarna in Moss, Norway.
Visual profile for the children's festival Varnabarna in Moss, Norway. 
Given the rich birdlife in the festivals location, we based our profile on a style rich with illustration, where birds and Moss' prettiest park Nesparken has the leading role. As these are the actual birds that are in the park, and that we think children should be taken seriously, we chose to keep the illustration style against the naturalistic, but using new and fresh colors. By mirroroing the illustration in the waterfront, the logo type gets to show off the similarity in the two words Varna (the location) and Barna (meaning 'The kids'). Considering readability for the kids, we chose not reflect the whole word. All types are built up from scratch, based on the designers' handwriting, except a few words in the Norwegian font Telefon, as this is the profile font of the main festival, Varna festival.