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Google Material explorations

3D Motion

Created for Google Design and inspired by Material Design innovations. 

Working with Nando Costa, we explored several ideas inspired by variety of Google Design UX topics.

This main one, is the idea of a living, breathing wallpaper. 
An immersive scene that is unique to each of our devices, which grows & mutates based on our actions. 
3D Design, Motion by Twistedpoly
Sound Design by Zelig Sound
Images bellow play with the concept of elastic bands interacting with lock screen elements. How would it look & feel being pushed around by user gestures.
These images play with the concept of calendar and visualizing it with elements of sand.
Visualizing emails, how can we pick out the important ones, how would users input interact with this abstract inbox. How can we visualize the main, most important email so it doesn't get lost among all the others.
Bellow is a montage of all different experiments edited together in a film.
Google Material explorations

Google Material explorations