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    These pictures were clicked on my trip to Indonesia in April. Featured below are pictures of the active volcano - Mt. Bromo.
Mount Bromo
an Active Volcano in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia.

We missed out on the Sunrise view and it started pouring when we reached there, but the pictures below aren't that bad.. Have a look :)
Someone's lil farm close to the volcano. Its a Cauliflower Garden
The serene hills right before the volcano.. plantations include potatoes and onions.
A lady planting Onions
Seemed like a water rivulet around the crater of the volcano.. Not sure what it is though.
Mt. Bromo erupted in December, 2010. Hence the ash was quite dark and warm and fresh.
Trees growing in the periphery of the volcano.. The ones which survived the eruption, continue to survive. Others, burnt to ash