Partnr - an app for language learners
Partnr - a social networking app for language learners

The client has the initial idea of creating a tool for language learners, more specifically, matching who wants to learn and who is willing to teach. With some initial research, we start to develop it into a product.
Unfortunately five months later, this project terminated for some $$$ reason during coding. I really feel sorry for the team about not being able to see it in app store, and for that much effort we have put into it. In order not to have all these wasted, I'm happy to share the design process.

The Goal
To match-up language partners, make communication easier, keep long-term friendships.

My role
- Strategy
- Design: Logo, Wireframing, APP UI, Website
- Develop: APP prototyping, Webpage
The initial idea for the logo is speech bubble, which is straight-forward - Let's chat!
However there are tons of speech bubble icons out there already. I started to look for some other direction, e.g smart and cute animals. Cats, squirrels, and finally, parrot! Parrots are smart, bold, and most importantly, they learn to talk!
Step, Flow, Interface
I carefully sketch each step in each flow. I didn't use Axure or other prototyping tool for this project, as we are a small team and there are lots of changes at this stage. Pen and paper works really well. Later I finish the flow in photoshop, in order to spot any missing steps.
We decide to tell the story of Mr.P, who is dreaming of travelling abroad, working in foreign companies, chatting with foreign friends, etc. However his language skill holds him back until Partnr makes a difference.
Project like this is a perfect chance for me to test ideas and try new things. This time it's animation with Skrollr. Animation helps with a smooth flow of the story. Skroll makes the visualization faster and simpler. The screenshot below shows only part of the static content. Here's the full animated demo. Language is Chinese only.
*Thanks to Ellen Yanjie Zheng for the awesome sketches of Mr.P! 
More details about the illustration in the next section.
The mascot
From sketch to illustration, I simply trace it, color it, then add some mood.
I usually create sets of icons for project like this. 
I spent a weekend on doodling this 'Greetings' poster. It might not fit the style of this project, but I just want to do something else. I'm thinking maybe print a A1 size, or print it on a T-shirt.
Partnr - an app for language learners

Partnr - an app for language learners

A social networking tool for language learners.

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