GIGA BYTE is a fictional electronics company specialized in digital storage devices.

SD card packaging is awkward and cumbersome to deal with, and creates a great deal of garbage for such a small item. The goal was to make a use for all of this excess, to extend its life before the trash. 
The easiest way to accomplish this was by creating a second function for the package. People often own more than one SD card, so being able to use your package as a way of storing your SD cards was the most ideal objective. This reduces the amount of waste produced.
The eye is attracted to vibrant colours. With the bright yellow, this was a simple way to give the packaging shelf presence among other SD cards. With the given target audience, the colours of the  packaging provided an entertainment value themselves.
The font was kept a simple round-end sans-serif to match the line weights and style within the characters. The logo kept as a word mark prevented distraction from the characters displayed on the packaging.
The style of the characters were kept simple, referencing from cartoons from target market (Adventure Time, Spongebob, Pokemon, Japanese anime). The characters vary by product, as well as limited edition runs during the holidays to add a collect-ability to them. The colours, font style, all of it gives the simple SD card a sense of fun that they have not had before.