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Koi Footwear T-Shirt Design Commission
Designing a T-shirt for Koi Footwear’s 
International Womxns Day campaign 2022
I thought about what it means to be a CIS woman, a trans woman, or someone who is perceived as a woman but is actually non-binary, trans masc, intersex or  gender fluid. 

I took inspiration from Koi’s range of footwear at the time which included teddy bear, dolls head and floral prints with an illustrative style as well as 90s-influenced suns, moons and stars 
I wanted to capture the shape of their shoes which is generally chunky, oversized platform boots and Mary Jane style buckle-ups

I also wanted to capture the vibe of the brand, with an edgy but sophisticated style - playful, cute, a little but trashy and certainly making a statement- but with a sleek and refined silhouette 

I experimented with some different characters, colour pallets and elements 
In the end myself and the client decided on a simple black and white design that suggested a range of womxn with different styles and energies all in a row.

We opted to show just their legs and feet - with the feet of course being kitted out in KOI style platforms, boots and Mary-Jane’s - and the legs being a range of smooth, hairy, and wrapped in stylised fishnet tights.
The final piece is full of attitude, style and sophistication - just like the client’s target audience 💥 
Koi Footwear T-Shirt Design Commission


Koi Footwear T-Shirt Design Commission