Lodetto is a coffee shop based in El Raval, Barcelona. Their owners, Agus and Nacho, were friends of Hueso long before they opened shop. At Hueso we are deeply connected with their roots, from music to art and from coffee to cycling. It was only natural to bond and find common ground to work together on their project.

Our goal was for the brand to be embedded with their personalities. We wanted to capture the voice and feeling of Hardcore and Punk Rock fanzines from the 80s and 90s. After a few short rounds we landed on this high intensity but sometimes elegant Brand. A sustained battle between expression and simplicity.

Client: Lodetto
Owners: Agustin Lodetti / Nacho Lodetti

Production Company: Hueso
Director: Gianluca Fallone
Executive Producer: Santiago Moncalvo

Illustration: Nahuel Rollan
Graphic Design: Gianluca Fallone
Photography: Joaco Barcelonna / Alvaro Picca


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