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Welcome to Synth
Motion Graphics

Welcome to Synth is an introduction to the creative possibilities of
synthesizers. To learn more about the project or about how to 
get started with synths visit our dedicated page.

Collaboration by The Furrow
From the minds of Sanctus
Presented by Twenty Thousand Hertz

Executive Producer Seth Eckert
Music Wesley Slover, Joe Basile
Art Director Renaud Lavency
Narration Dallas Taylor
Copywriting Casey Emmerling
Technical Director Wesley Slover
Creative Director Seth Eckert
Design Renaud Lavency, Rommel Ruiz, Grace Poole, Seth Eckert
Sound Design & Mix Trevor Richardson
Animation Nick Parente, Jordan Scott, Thiago Steka, Ricardo Drehmer, Matt Jameson
Producer Janet Tousseau, Casey Emmerling, Andrew Anderson, Samantha Rinebold, David Roux
Special Thanks Adam Plouff, Zack Lovatt
Welcome to Synth