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    A book design for some specific architectural photos.
This was supposed to be a naive contribution to the program of Design Atelier Kadıköy's "Memory" archive. I aimed to record the current housing typology in Moda where the balconies tend to reach the horizon on the qualified façades. The life on the balconies and how people reflect the "life inside" to the city always keep my head up. In recent years, to increase the square meters for "inside", so called French balconies shape into aluminium railings attached to façade where you cannot step.
[Attention s'il vous plaît]
The book is not finished and seems it won't be finished; so there is no need to hide them in an internal disc. 
Possible cover arrangement that can be applied for the other fascicles.
Since this is a draft, it includes some words hyphenating wrong.
Blue marked buildings are the ones that are in the book.
A nice guy that every woman would love to live happily ever after with.
"The Moda Butcher"