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    On-going project for pre-production phase of "Potion", an original to-be-animated movie about valuing life which we only have once.
Catch that frog
Genetically modified frogs (They speak!).
"Potion" is a story which I have created as a one-shot manga when I was in high school, but has always been stored in the Ideabox because I thought I would be able to push the story more emotionally when I have more experience in life. 
This is a story focusing on the value of 'things' caused by death. About trying to make the most out of life knowing we only have one... And that how we will stop enjoying some certain things if there was no end to our lives.
It has been improved many, many times, and it is such a challenge because romantic relationship is something still new to me; and same goes for life itself since I have never been too close to feel like I'm close to the end of my own life. 
Original draft comic
What I learned during the past few years is - Story will be enriched with believable characters that people can empathize with. This is what my story was lacking - my story was simply just a story telling this happened, that happened. 
So I dug deeper into the characters, creating their background for solid personality. 

I find the characters plain, boring, and were almost like placeholders. 
Therefore, I changed the male protagonist John completely. He is now a bit dorky, freaky, nerdy, and is the clown of workplace. Little do people know that he had a very dark childhood with his own insecurities - that he only shares with his beloved girlfriend Bridgette.
There is one big thing missing in my story. Fun! Where is all the fun? 
And here is where the comical elements come in. Genetically modified frogs.
So that's what I want this story to be. Having ups and down, comedic and dramatic. 
If you are interested in very quickly made dramatic live action version of storyboard, please click here