Má da Fita is a multimedia agency who approached us with quite a challenge.
    While being extreme pros at what they do, they are also a niche company focused on narratives, lifestyle and The Journey. And they do so expressing themselves via storytelling and documentaries:
    1 vision; 2 journalists; 2 video-experts.

    Identity is about building a culture, cultivating history and creating the will to inspire. And respect. Respect. From The Royal to the client, the client to the world, being fed by it's vision and inspiring him to become inspired, isn't it?

    To build this identity we went on to think of a different bet : there is an inherent petry to Má da Fita's recordings that it would become pointless to brand it as it is: their brand isn't who they are, their logo is who they record. Because of their motto as a documentary team, their vision is shared through their recordings of other people's narratives.

    Má da Fita - The Storyteller: it is the process, the capture. The brand is transparent, it is the symbol of reporting, registration, interview and narrative.
    Fed by this defition, we took the identity one step ahead and paid as much attention to the Logo as to how all communication develops (print communication, extra instruments, branding themes, methods for being present at all moments with the smallest details) empowering the narrative and feedind the traveller's ambience.
    Because their vision shares information, interviews and reportage pieces, the branding had one challenge: to be The Tool to Narration.
    From this idea, that the lens captures the content without being content itself but a vehicle for culture, we found the parallel between the multimedia environment and the universe of identity. To build identity from the context and process.
    The identity unfolds physically in 3 elements: The printed (and digital) objects that are incomplete (with lines, ongoing information and logo system); printed objects that complete the above (1 stamp with half the logo, another to brand the directions, and 1 sticker roll to customize orders, envelopes,scenarios and transport elements such as bags, microphones, agendas, etc).
    Má da Fita is it's process, it's materials, it's textures, and it's stories.
    Similarly to how The Interview records and documents content with poetic engagement from the individual's background; we'd like to invite you to a journey that provides the tools without detailing the contents. It is culture who brands Má da Fita.
    As sets to cinema: allow the narrative , easy to fill, the story is left to happen;
    As airplanes the travel: allow the journey, won't create the experience.
    As audio tracks, lines to a page: allow the story , won't create the writing .
    A brand to be flexible, light on the printing, and that can be molded with mood, care and living: The Traveller's universe: The Passport; The Stamp; The Diary, The Stickers, The Writing.
    The living.


    The full presentation can be found in high-res via this link:

    Enjoy a wonderful time,
    Have fun, build history,
    Royal Studio