Extraction Backpack
Personal Project
I love heist movies and all the specialized props that star in them. I used this project as an opportunity to design something for such a world.

Although fictional and goofy, Extraction has features that are not too far fetched. The objective was to strike a balance between a cinematic product and certain level of feasibility.
When you are in the business of extracting precious goods, speed and discretion are a good thing. 
The extraction backback was designed with quick loading in mind, via the reversed hard top cover.
The speed of a messenger bag with the fit and agility of a backpack.
The double-sided escape carabiner is rush-proof. No matter which side you grad it mid-air, it will latch on to whatever you push it against. Good for jumping out of windows onto escape ropes (or helicopters).
Also, you can see the quick release buckle in the center of the back pack, ideal for hasty unloading of incriminating evidence.
Escaping in one piece is an important part of stealing gems, state secrets and fine art, but it should not get in the way of the actual "stealing" thing. Therefore the escape strap is attached along the shoulder strap, via velcro. 
It will not hamper normal operations, but it will be there for when you need it.