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    mythological character sketch through photography
She had to prove her purity, walk on fire and yet be questioned for what happened to her against her own will. And even though Rama the man she loved, enough to die for, a man 
who was GOD and knew better could not stand up for her, what better are we that pride over ourselves as the future. Thousands of years later, we still question the purity of women?
Can you imagine Sitas eyes when she refused another test?
I think my eyes are like that now.
In the Legend of Ramayana that sings praise about our Lord Rama, there is a character whose sacrifices remain shadowed. The ideal wife and companion to Rama - Sita, suffered a lot more than just the abduction by the demonic Ravana. She may have had her prince rescue her, but she had to prove her purity to him after. And yet, once was not enough? She did not surrender to her mother ‘Earth’ because she was weak, but to remind mankind a woman’s strength in fact. Have we forgotten?
In this piece I aim at shining light upon ‘The forgotten Sita’ and what she means to me and every woman as a symbol of purity and strength.