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Hopefully I'll be able to launch my first tshirt collection soon.
I A M² A R T - Art & Clothing
Below you will find tshirt concept designed by me over the past few months, I've been wanting to launch my own clothing line for quite a while now but I've never really gotten to it. There's a big risk in launching a project as big as this so I've decided to share my 'digital sketchbook' with the world in order to find out how many people like my work and how many would buy them. What kind of tshirts will I be designing? Basic tshirts with crazy prints on them, perfect for in the summer or to attend rave-partys with.
The name I've chosen has two meanings which are very important to me. Depening on how you read it it will say either 'I am art' or 'I am mart'. I am art stands for the fact that wearing these means you're wearing a piece of art. I am Mart is clear connection to my name Mart Biemans as I wanted to give it a personal touch without simply using my real name.
I'm still trying to find out where I can get some of these produced, how much it will cost me and how many people would buy them.
More info and updates can be found at:
I will keep this updated as much as possible with new tshirt concepts.
More info and updates can be found at:
Thank you for watching!
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