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    Photographic Poster Title: Lemon Zest Created by: Rebecca Hakola Dimensions: A1 - 594 mm W x 841 mm H
Visual Response #07 is a photographic poster in celebration of Australian Infront turning 15 years young. Themed as a Pantone swatch, 'Lemon Zest' comments on the authenticity and creativity of designers. It is a bright, colourful interpretation of the compeition theme and encourages designers to "design their own bill" - in essence to stay true to one's self and celebrate uniqueness and talent. Lemon Zest encourages fruitfulness and teamwork to avoid sour situations.  

Poster reads: "Happy 15th Birthday Australian Infront! To celebrate, let us reflect on that old time saying, 'When life gives you lemons.' It goes without saying, almost everybody has had to endure moments when sour auras try to dampen even the brightest day. But you know what? That's ok. It does not have to rub off on you. Let the lemons be lemons, and instead choose to make lemonade, build a lemon orchad, or grab the tequila. Above all, don't let it dampen your spirit! Being nice makes you feel good and encourages fruitful relationships (no matter how acidic they might have started out as). So when life gives you lemons, use them! Do not waste food or experiences that will help you grow!"

Dimensions: A1 - 594 mm W x 841 mm H