There is a form
it exists in a field of immeasurable emptiness
which is its friend
it has no idea of its size
it could be the size of an atom
it could be our size
or the size of a galaxy
it just knows that the emptiness extends forever
and so it is in peace

There are 4 forms
they sense each other’s existence
or extrapolate from each of their own equally vast mathematical theories
but they know that they will never meet
the distances are beyond comprehension
and so they drift in this immeasurable emptiness

There are 3 forms
they ride the gentle currents near the bottom
of this immeasurably deep ocean
they sense that there are others like them
and this gives them comfort
and brings them happy dreams

There are 2 forms
they may have been, a long time ago
a single idea
but they have no memory of that
even by their own standards of measuring time
(which are immeasurably more capable than our own)
the beginning of the universe was too long ago to comprehend

But they feel  
a feeling that there is something in the vast emptiness between them
that will heal them

and it’s all just shuffling pixels around
i find something i did years ago
which had already gone through many transformations
and i try to reduce, reduce
and sometimes it ends up as nothing
or might find something interesting
and often i end up with noise
but when i look closer
it’s not noise
it’s shapes and forms
so then when you zoom in
it becomes interesting
so I wondered, if in all the uniform noise
there was meaning?

so I extracted some tiny blobs from the noise
but the separation between them made me identify with them
and these points extracted from noise
became symbols that spoke of our own lives
and stories

how we live in a world that is basically huge distances, from a physical sense but also an emotional one
and these tiny dots of light in the middle of a big black space
and also the sense that the dark emptiness might be a peaceful place
so what disturbs the peace?
this feeling that there must be something out there that will give us a context that we look for
and i started with the idea of a single form, totally on its own but at peace.
and then saw stories that went 4-3-2

because it’s the 2 that really defines us. We can’t be 1, we long for 2
i always knew I’d finish the poem with the 2
it was inevitable, start with 1 and put 4 and 3 in the middle
i love the idea of the 3, floating at the bottom of the ocean
perhaps i will become a fish!

and seeing ourselves as tiny forms in an immense emptiness
do we realise that’s exactly how it is?

that these abstractions might really be true?
4 stories

4 stories


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