Helen Choi is a mutated-furry creature with eight legs and nonfunctional wings. She lives in a ruined building in Manhattan where grasses and furry flowers grow.She enjoys looking out at the vista where mutants roam freely. She goes hunting and farming everyday for a living. Herhobbies are skyscraper climbing and rope-swing jumping into river.  In her past years, she kept her human form and dedicated herdaily life to sitting in front of a computer, geeking out for a living.  She generates 3D graphics for commercials and illustrates on her own time.
    Octokitten,Octobunny and Sealeanmaid are one of the many mutant creatures livingamongst the ruins of New York City. As they stumble upon random humanobjects left behind, they learn about what life was like here and theythirst for more .Oftentimes they go off on their mini adventuresthrough the thick jungles of the city skyscrapers to find out more andmore about the humans.However,danger looms as the hungry giant Ratapede lurks in the jungle.Devouring anything that scurries around him. Beware little mutants, beback home before the sun sets.

Special thanks:
Emmett Dzieza and Saiman Chow for your awesomeness+kindness.