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    Branding proposal for Parque Fundidora
Parque Fundidora
After more than seventy years in the business, the foundry went bankrupt and closed by the end of the 80s. It became a park, with more than one hundred hectares and home of dozens of local species, but due to its importance for the people it is more than just a park where to spend the weekend. Now Parque Fundidora hosts hundreds of events, ranging from cultural, sports, artistic and business conferences, among others. It receives on average ninety thousand visitors per month and is truly a place were people enjoy and share regardless of economic or social differences.

All around the park you can see different machinery used back in the old days, being the melting pots the most iconic ones of them. Just as these pots held different materials, Parque Fundidora holds different kind of people within an atmosphere of respect and joy.We developed a custom typeface to go with the interpretation of the melting pots, based on the dynamism of the park and taking as inspiration strong shapes as iron.
01. Rebranding
Evolution of the melting pot shape
Custom lettering for the wordmark. Above: Iron Type No. 2 Small Caps. Below: Iron Type No. 2 Italic
Two tone logo
This variation of the logo suits better for small sizes or could be used as a seal. As most people refer to the park only as Fundidora, we gave more importance to the F than to the P.
We revamped current color scheme so it could fit on different ways according to the use.
Basic stationary. it can be used on any of the four different colours.
02. Signage
Parachute's Beau Sans Pro. It has the characteristics we looked for on a signage typeface: readability, wide characters and strong shapes.
Custom icon set. Developed to match chosen typeface
Parque Fundidora has more than 50 venues, most of them with specific characteristics due to it's architecture or historical value, we developed this system to be used on the signage
Venue Sign
Techinical Information. Used for the On-Site Monuments, once part of the foundry
Ergonomic Map
03. Editorial
The intention of this book is to show how this graphic revamp can be transported in something out of the Park itself and still retain it's escence and identity
Spread using previously seen graphic elements