WACHTEL (1/35 scale)
Hi guys!
This light mech will be a small (compared to my previous works) detailed posable model. I went for 1/35 scale for this one, it will be approximatively 14 cm tall (5,5 inches circa) and it will fit Abakan world.
This model will be produced by Industria Mechanika http://industriamechanika.com/blog/ . They had already produced Kastor model a couple of years ago and I've been so happy in this collaboration that I really wanted to repeat this collaboration.
These are first steps of the build, sorry for bad pictures but I've started this model last September some evenings, in my Hotel room, in Auckland. 
I hope you enjoy, new WIP pics very soon!
Very first loose sketch about future concept
Ooooopsss.....Plasticard finished.....
WACHTEL (1/35 scale)