The Brand
With over 50,000 active members and more than 200,000 monthly readers, Astrospace is Italy’s premier destination for space enthusiasts. Based in Turin, its professionally written content makes it a go-to resource for anyone keen to stay up to date with the ever-evolving world of astronomy.

The Objective
Our challenge was to restyle the existing brand into an accessible, adaptable and innovative leader on the Italian astronomic scene. A distinguished partner capable of collaborating with the main Italian universities and communities, and an ambitious hub recognisable across the country (and beyond).

The Solution
Designed to reflect Astrospace’s forward-thinking attitude, the new logo points the sky, while planting its feet firmly on the ground. The sharper inner arrow provides that solid direction, while soft, rounded curves make our most distinctive asset friendlier, more accessible

Creative Direction: Emanuele Ricci 
Art Direction and Visual Identity: Jovana Ranđelović
UX/UI Design: Miloš Dragutinović
Graphic Design: Tommaso Vecchi, Miloš Dragutinović
Animation and Motion Graphics: Laia Ferran
Copywriting: Will Nicklin
Video Production and Photography: Andrea Zanetti