Modular concrete stool / 2022

Conecto is the own brand of design studio Superkomma. The first Conecto project is a modular concrete stool. By contrasting the irregular and natural texture of concrete, a building material, and the artificial texture of acrylic, the stool has a completely different feel. It can be expanded to various shapes and sizes by combining half-cylinder type modules. Various combinations and arrangements are possible to suit the space, making it possible to manufacture from a small stool to a long bench function. In addition, according to the combination of modules, users can face each other or sit back to back in various ways, so Conecto is a street furniture that can induce a more free atmosphere. We use eco-friendly, high-strength UHPC concrete that has been removed from asbestos and volatile organic compounds, and we are researching an eco-friendly approach that recycles various waste materials.

-Borderless, Clear and Wit-

Conecto is a project that connects those of other realms and represents the slogan Borderless of Superkomma. Conecto is passionate about the significance that arises when the properties of different domains meet.
Creative directed by

Designed by superkomma
Manufactured by LAB.crete

Work scope
Concept & Identity / Product design / CMF