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    My dream is to travel to different countries and cities. I would stay 1or more months in each location, looking for a place to make a mural stop … Read More
    My dream is to travel to different countries and cities. I would stay 1or more months in each location, looking for a place to make a mural stop motion animation. The animation will show the story of the unfolding mural. During minimum 30 days depending on the size of the walls, and the time, I’ll paint my story. Figures will grow and fade, landscapes emerge and disappear telling a story of inner turbulence and memories.The images of the mural will cor- respond with the natural environment of the wall, the history of the building or city in which it stands. I’ll be doing research of the place and incorporate that together with my inspiration and own sense of the place. If walls could speak is the key here. My conquest is to give the wall a voice.The painting on the wall will emerge day by day telling my comprehension of it’s history. My attempt is to materialize the images buried deep in the brick and cement. During that process images will turn up and disappear. The longer I work on a wall the more it will reveal.At the end of it’s process the wall will return to its original state, no trace of my visit will remain.The wall will surface it’s story during a moment in time and goes back into silence when I leave. It is an installation that comes to life during my visit, a performance that can be viewed, showing the visitors an unique image, constantly changing over time.The only trace of the work will be a stop motion art video of the process, and a few key sketches made during the research period. Black ink, black and white acrylic paint and a few brushes are the only materials I will be using. Depending on the original color of the wall the mural will be in black and white. I’m looking for some sponsoring,or financial support for my stay and travel costs.At the end of the travel period, I will have a short stop motion animation movie on DVD that tells the storie of all those different walls and cities. I’ll be creating my first “Talking Walls” stop motion at Bozar, Brussels during the CanvasCollection exhibition. May 10 till June 10 2012. Read Less
begins with a question: What happens when you are in a small space, in absolute darkness, no sounds or sensory references? What comes to you?
-Motie/Emotie @ Baken Oostende, June 5 2013, Belgium
-CologneOFF @ CCA Contemporary Art Center Tbilisi, Georgia 16-17-18 May 2013
-CologneOFF 2013 USA @ Aferro Gallery Newark/NJ/USA 27 February - 30 March 2013
-CologneOFF 2013 India II @ CeC – Carnival of eCreativity Sattal/India – 22-24 February 2013
-Festival Miden in Chios (GR), curated by Olga Daniylopoulou, Calliope Artspace Greece. February 3rd 2013
-CologneOFF 2013 India, ArtFilmClub Guwahati/India 26 January 2013 -Festival Miden in Athens (GR), curated by Olga Daniylopoulou, space of La Soirée de Votanique
December 1st, 2012, till January 8th, 2013, Greece
- International Short film festival Leuven Dec1 - 8 2012, Belgium
-The Short Film Movement+ : Oct 6th The Houseman Bookshop, London; Oct 11 The Betsy Trotwood,London; Oct 16th The Hideaway, London
-Inside Out, July 10 - 14 2012 Kunsthaus Dresden Germany
-Video Art Festival Miden, July 7 2012 Kalamata, Greece
-Geh8– International Movie-Night on ‘nothing’ May 19 2012 Dresden, Germany
-OFFoff art cinema, Jonge zwervers, March 29 2012 Ghent, Belgium
-Performance "Prolegomena" Joyce SoHo, March 8-10 2012, New York
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