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    The work process on an illustration about a fight to death between an octopus and a monkey
For this work I had to draw a fight between a monkey and an octopus.
For starters I drew several versions of the animals, without any documentation, only from how I had them in my head.
Pre-Google octopuses.
This is how octopuses actually are. 
And here are the monkeys. 
After checking online, I realized that chimpanzees, which are what I drew, don’t have tails. Now it seems obvious, I can’t imagine a chimpanzee with a tail anymore. So I chose a Spider Monkey, which has a long tail and a likeable face.
I make several sketches thinking about different points of view, until I decide the tone that the illustration will have. These sketches are far from what I was asked, but they were a lot of fun to make.
I start making a digital sketch. I print it and with the light table I make the lines with ink, using brush and nib
 I scan, make the set-up on the computer, add digital color and… ready!
This is the final result, and this is how I usually work on my illustrations. U_U