Slow is often associated with lazy, clumsy, and stupid. However, fast does not mean achieving more. By slowing down at the right moment, people find that they did everything better.

‘The tortoise and the hare’ celebrates a culture with connection for busy people in the metropolitan city who long to have a balance life in the era of acceleration in the pace of life. It provides people’s basic needs of comfort and acceptance. Everybody has to find their own comfortable pace of life and knowing when to slow down and when to speed up to make run better.

In this project, the original story of the tortoise and the hare is modified to adjust with the concept of slow movement. In this version, the tortoise used a skateboard in the competition, which signifies that even a slow person always wants to be faster.

Furthermore, the tortoise was running the race day and night while the hare was spending sometime to rest and live his life meaningfully. In the end, the hare did not win but he had a more meaningful journey.
The modified story of tortoise and hare may let us contemplate on one question:
Does fast always means better?
Came from ampersand shape and modified it to become tortoise and hare.
Flexibility of the logo has given some possibility of the movement
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