Pet-partment is a design that enhances the naturalistic beauty of the material. The design that both the cat owner and the cat can use, holds the concept of a “Beautiful life with your beloved pets”. The simple and modern elements of the design are taken from contemporary architectural styles. It shows different aesthetics from different angles by carefully planning the layout of the design with the consideration of the actual user, your cat. Compared to original cat tree products, which are just to provide high ground for cats, the main factor of this product is to hide the essential component the cats need to prevent it from harming the house interior. The front view shows the natural wooden material and steel’s original textures, and the rear view provides an open view for cats to watch the world when the product is placed nearby a window. The left side has a convenient storage space to store books, snacks, or cat toys, and the right side provides a fun playground for cats. Hence the 4 views of the product provide different characteristics. The architectural element is embedded in the design to address that this is a place for both cats and cat owners.

Design _ Ingyu Park
Making _ Nokturn
Photography _ Leben studio