Automotive Design
The Nought.One is the state-of-the-art electric scooter for sustainable urban travel, designed by beta.

British micro mobility brand, Nought, wanted to give the modern urban rider everything they need to travel fast, light, smart and safe. And the Nought.One does just that. This piece of personal transport gives riders a complete, compact and lightweight ride. From the super smooth bump free glide, to top spec indicators and brake lights, and a speedy upright storage mechanic; the Nought.One offers more than any other scooter and is perfect for today’s commuters and casual users alike.
The Brief
Nought approached beta in 2020 to design a market leading E-scooter. Analysing user experience through testing existing competitor products, we found a gap in the market for a compact, powerful, well engineered scooter for urban use. With new legislation about to come out it was the perfect time to implement additional safety features that gives the rider more reassurance on the road.
Technical Data
Unibody Chassis T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminium 
Battery 36V Lithium Ion
Charge Voltage 42V
Water Ingress Rating IP65
Top Speed 25 mph 
Range 26 miles
Charge Time 40 minutes 
Motor 500 watts
Mechanical Features
The Nought.One has been designed to integrate into everyday life with ease. It’s not just the finely tuned frame that makes this the best performing electric scooter on the road. Numerous mechanical features include:

10” wide tubeless tyres which ensure a smooth ride. A powerful 500W rear hub motor, bar mounted indicators, an integrated bell and cruise control. Front daytime running light/headlight and twin rear daylight running light/brake lights enhanced visibility. Front and rear hub brakes that keep dust and grime from braking surfaces, avoiding damage without compromising performance.When not in use, the mechanical spec still shines. A specifically engineered centre stand ensures stable parking, and eliminates the problem of an unsafe kickstand, left down. The Nought.One can be stored on one end, ensuring the smallest possible storage footprint, and it can also be wheeled round on end, meaning those tight corridors, shopping aisles and ticket barriers are simple to navigate. A removable battery allows for fuss-free charging and extended range - as one battery dies, a fresh one can be swapped in.
User Interface
The UI has been designed to only visualise the key information needed during your ride. Data fields show range remaining, battery percentage remaining, total mileage, current speed, cruise control on/off and headlight on/off.

The touchpoint has been simplified to just three buttons; scooter on/off, headlight on/off, cruise control on/off. Using a OLED screen with great resolution, the colours are vibrant and have been used to help signal at a glance useful information while on the move. Edges flash amber to show indicator activity, battery status to red when low and the speedo changes colour when cruise control is activted.

The Brand
Nought is a micro-mobility company which wants to make a huge impact - to make urban travel more sustainable. Created to transform travel, for the better, in a world where congestion and air pollution worsen day by day in gridlocked cities. Nought knows that people are increasingly looking for sustainable commuter options, and wanted to make a zero emission scooter both more accessible and reliable.

“We created Nought to provide the modern commuter with zero emissions, private transport which is accessible to everyone. Enabling them to journey on their own terms and ride with sustainable transport - tech that’s faster, cheaper, easier and makes getting from A to B a breeze.” Ollie Chadwick / Founder of Nought.

Press Publication
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