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    Calendar for 2014 based on a circular grid for each month of the year.
Calendar 2014
This colourful calendar was designed to welcome 2014. It was a gift for family members, coworkers and clients for a year together. 
The design is based on the colours of my personal brand (coming up soon).
The fonts used in this project are Helvetica Neue Thin and Novecento Wide Bold.  
Final result
The month change has a stronger line and the first day is emphasized.
This calendar was not designed to be vertical but horizontal.
At first the calendar was split in two halves, creating an inverse S shape. It was planned to be a vertical poster but it was reconsidered as the concentric grid design would make the days of the year be read upside down and therefore hard to follow.  

It was then redesigned to fit an horizontal page, with each month taking up half a circle. Each first day of the month is linked to the next month with a double white line.
Drafts and second design
Layers and styles used on this document.
Plastic poster